Friday, November 18, 2022

Join a Shabbat dinner with a group of friends for SHABBAM: Shabbat Across Maryland with Maryland Hillel! You can host or attend a meal outside, in your dorm/apartment, or anywhere. We’ll provide the inspiration and food for a fun Shabbat!

Host a Meal – OPEN

Register to host a SHABBAM meal. We’ll provide the food or reimburse you for cooking your own meal. Note: Registration is open through November 5 to those that would need food catered by Hillel. Registration is open through November 10 for those cooking their own meal. 

Attend a Meal

RSVP to attend your favorite SHABBAM meal: You can pick your friend’s meal or enjoy SHABBAM at Maryland Hillel. Meals will be hosted at various locations both on and off campus. You must sign up by November 16 at 11 AM.

Past SHABBAM 2021 Meals

4151 Shabbat (Tila Lekach) • A Topical Vacation from Work (Elizabeth Tabbouche and Shira Lasserson) • Aepi Groupies (Doni Berg) • APT 1513 (Jayden Kupferman) • Colstume Meal! (Miriam Franklin-Grinkorn) • Double A Dinner (Alana Isac) • DPHIE shabbat (Sydney Klapman) • Dune Watch Party (Brianna Loshin) • Ehtan’s Sammy Shabbamy (Ethan Selko) • Fly with NASSA this Shabbat (Naomi Capland and Alyssa Canowitz) • I don’t live here (Zechariah Hahn) • Jews for Holocaust Remembrance (Raphael Katz) • Josie’s Shabbat (Josie Levine) • Leah, Seth, and Micah’s Meal (Leah Bregman) • Luau Shabbat (Danielle London) • Olivia La Fiandra’s Shabbat Dinner (Olivia La Fiandra) • Phi Sig Shabbam (Mia Pearce) •PL SHABBAT! (Maya Goldberg) • Ramat Shabbos Town (Jack Beneviste-Plitt) • Resolution 515: Knox is better than Hartwick (Marisa Avni) • Rowdy’s Dinner (Not an intervention) (Shua Kanarek) • SDT House (Gabi Block and Ruthie Posada) • Sefardi party (Samuel Miller) • Shabbat Across Ramah (Sara Blau) • Shaina’s Shabbat (Shaina Bassan) • Shamagical Shabbat Meal (Bella Rosner) • Simcha Kappa Shabbat! (Rebecca Barnholtz) • Terps for Israel Israeli Food Shabbat (Keren Binyamin) • THE MEAL (RJ Kigner) • Wake Me Up When We’re in Tel Aviv (BT Class of 2018) Reunion (Noah Fine)