Friday, October 20, 2023

Join a Shabbat dinner with a group of friends for SHABBAM: Shabbat Across Maryland with Maryland Hillel! You can host or attend a meal outside, in your dorm/apartment, or anywhere. We’ll provide the inspiration and food for a fun Shabbat! If you have any questions please reach to Stone Schwartz, the Shabbat chair of the Jewish Student Union.

Host a Meal – OPEN

Register to host a SHABBAM meal. We’ll provide the food or reimburse you ($6 per a UMD student in attendance at your meal) for cooking your own meal. Maryland Hillel will provide Challah, Grape Juice, Shabbat Candles, and paper products for all meals. Note: Registration is open through October 9 to those that would need food catered by Hillel. Registration is open through October 12 for those cooking their own meal. 

Attend a Meal

RSVP to attend your favorite SHABBAM meal: You can pick your friend’s meal or enjoy SHABBAM at Maryland Hillel. Meals will be hosted at various locations both on and off campus. You must sign up by October 16 at 11:59 PM.

Past SHABBAM 2022 Meals

Pre Health Students Shabbat (Madeline Eisenfeld) • Aaron Knishkowy’s Shabbat Dinner (Aaron Knishkowy) • Sigma Chi (Josh Weinberg) • Raphael Kigner • Goyim: Shkoyach! (Jess Daninhirsch) • Deeph Shabbat (Sydney Klapman) • Down with DOTS (Abigail Elson) • Minion Meal! Banana! (Brianna Loshin) • Throwback Shabbat (Darcy Gruer) • Montgomery Suite Shabbam! (Jessica Cerkovnik) • Sammy Shabbamy Meal (Ben Nasisi) • NAC^2 (Naomi Caplan and Alyssa Canowitz) • The Boy Who Lived 2.0 (Dov Kosowsky) • Fifa shabbat (Eitan Cohen) • Shabam with Big man (Eli Turansky) • FLIP Shabbam (Dani Maron) • ZBT Shabbam (Eric Blackman) • Awesome Meal Party Time Express (Eli Feldman) • Alpha Omicron Pi Super Cool Shabbam (Gabby Cohen) • Sepharadi Party!! (Sam Miller) • Birthright Reunion (Mia Pearce) • Shraga Banim (Josh Weiss) • West Hempstead Meal (Samuel Rosemore) • Porch Shabbat (Jacob Suddleson) • Shabbam Crew (Max Abramovitz) • Hashem Loves Beta (Doni Berg) • Chicken Soup Anonymous (Zechariah Hahn) • Beta Shabbat Dinner (Ikey Zeitz) • IHOP Shababt Early Din (Kayla Dines) • Roomies First Shabbat (Leah Bregman) • Frat Row Shabbat! (Lily Fleischmann) • Physics Meal!! (Elan Moskowitz) • Gabi’s Shabbam (Gabi Block) • Phield day dinner! (Danielle Kaniuk) • A Very Shiksa Shabbas (Jordan Herling) • Camp Style Dinner (Ezzy Wachsstock) • Ramah Shabbat (Tamar Kellner) • Crime of the Voiceless Ringmaster (Ethan Linsider) • Avirah Shabbam (Liora Petter-Lipstein) • Queen Anne’s Class of ’22  (Amitai Tokayer) • 508 Shabbam (Seth Siev) • GG Shabbat (Arseniy Braslavskiy) • Sabbath Sushi (Jacob Schechter) • SGA Shabbos (Eliav Hamburger) • Shamagical Shabbat Pt 2 (Bella Rosner) • Blue (Becky Benezra) • Raphael Katz • NHBT Dinner!! (Rami Sloan) • The Dixon Life (Marisa Avni) • Josie’s Shabbat Dinner (Josie Levine)