Friday, March 8, 2024

Join a Shabbat dinner with a group of friends for SHABBAM: Shabbat Across Maryland with Maryland Hillel! You can host or attend a meal outside, in your dorm/apartment, or anywhere. We’ll provide the inspiration and food for a fun Shabbat! If you have any questions please reach to Dawn Savage, Assistant Director at

Host a Meal – CLOSED

Register to host a SHABBAM meal. We’ll provide the food or reimburse you ($6 per a UMD student in attendance at your meal) for cooking your own meal. Maryland Hillel will provide Challah, Grape Juice, Shabbat Candles, and paper products for all meals. Note: Registration is open through February 28 (extended deadline).

Attend a Meal

RSVP to attend your favorite SHABBAM meal: You can pick your friend’s meal or give us some info about yourself, and we’ll place you at a meal. Meals will be hosted at various locations both on and off campus. You will get a confirmation email the week of regarding the SHABBAM you will be attending. You must sign up by March 5 at 11:59 PM. (extended deadline!)

Past SHABBAM 2022 Meals

Pre Health Students Shabbat (Madeline Eisenfeld) • Aaron Knishkowy’s Shabbat Dinner (Aaron Knishkowy) • Sigma Chi (Josh Weinberg) • Raphael Kigner • Goyim: Shkoyach! (Jess Daninhirsch) • Deeph Shabbat (Sydney Klapman) • Down with DOTS (Abigail Elson) • Minion Meal! Banana! (Brianna Loshin) • Throwback Shabbat (Darcy Gruer) • Montgomery Suite Shabbam! (Jessica Cerkovnik) • Sammy Shabbamy Meal (Ben Nasisi) • NAC^2 (Naomi Caplan and Alyssa Canowitz) • The Boy Who Lived 2.0 (Dov Kosowsky) • Fifa shabbat (Eitan Cohen) • Shabam with Big man (Eli Turansky) • FLIP Shabbam (Dani Maron) • ZBT Shabbam (Eric Blackman) • Awesome Meal Party Time Express (Eli Feldman) • Alpha Omicron Pi Super Cool Shabbam (Gabby Cohen) • Sepharadi Party!! (Sam Miller) • Birthright Reunion (Mia Pearce) • Shraga Banim (Josh Weiss) • West Hempstead Meal (Samuel Rosemore) • Porch Shabbat (Jacob Suddleson) • Shabbam Crew (Max Abramovitz) • Hashem Loves Beta (Doni Berg) • Chicken Soup Anonymous (Zechariah Hahn) • Beta Shabbat Dinner (Ikey Zeitz) • IHOP Shababt Early Din (Kayla Dines) • Roomies First Shabbat (Leah Bregman) • Frat Row Shabbat! (Lily Fleischmann) • Physics Meal!! (Elan Moskowitz) • Gabi’s Shabbam (Gabi Block) • Phield day dinner! (Danielle Kaniuk) • A Very Shiksa Shabbas (Jordan Herling) • Camp Style Dinner (Ezzy Wachsstock) • Ramah Shabbat (Tamar Kellner) • Crime of the Voiceless Ringmaster (Ethan Linsider) • Avirah Shabbam (Liora Petter-Lipstein) • Queen Anne’s Class of ’22  (Amitai Tokayer) • 508 Shabbam (Seth Siev) • GG Shabbat (Arseniy Braslavskiy) • Sabbath Sushi (Jacob Schechter) • SGA Shabbos (Eliav Hamburger) • Shamagical Shabbat Pt 2 (Bella Rosner) • Blue (Becky Benezra) • Raphael Katz • NHBT Dinner!! (Rami Sloan) • The Dixon Life (Marisa Avni) • Josie’s Shabbat Dinner (Josie Levine)