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Shalom Parents! 

We are so excited to welcome you and your student to Maryland Hillel. We are here to offer support, provide safe ways for students to connect with the Jewish community, and fulfill students’ wishes through learning opportunities, programs, and immersive events during the pandemic.

Maryland Hillel is here to support you and your student no matter the learning environment. We know that students have different expectations this year, so Maryland Hillel provides opportunities to allow them to explore their Judaism on their own terms. 

We are excited to hear from you! We hope you will take a moment to join our network by subscribing to our parent mailing list to stay up to date on the Hillel happenings, and stay connected with our Hillel family. We also provide ongoing updates on our Facebook and Instagram.

Maryland Hillel’s passionate staff are here to provide your student with a home away from home. We are dedicated to inspire and excite students as they begin this chapter of their Jewish journey. 

Thank you for being our partner as we support your Terp!

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Volunteering With Maryland Hillel

The support of our Maryland Hillel community is so important right now. Community members have shown support in a variety of different ways recently including contributing their expertise to help with Development and our Kosher Dining program. Please reach out to Liz Donaldson (ldonaldson@marylandhillel.org) if you are interested in volunteering with Maryland Hillel.

Giving to Maryland Hillel

Your annual investment provides us with the funds needed to sustain this student- driven, vibrant, diverse community. There are no dues to join Hillel; every student is a member of the Hillel community from the moment they step foot on campus. Your support enables us to provide essential services and cutting-edge programs that engage students and allows us to serve as an advocate for the Jewish student communities we serve.

  • Major Donor: $10,000 Annual Gift

  • Chairman's Circle: $5,400 Annual Gift

  • Diamond: $3,600 Annual Gift

  • Platinum: $2,500 Annual Gift

  • Gold: $1,800 Annual Gift