Birthright Israel:Go with Maryland Hillel!

Experience Israel on an action-packed journey exploring ancient sites, local hotspots, and natural wonders.

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Our next trip departs January 6, 2020. Sign up now to go with us this winter!

Get ready…

taking an off-road Jeep ride • meeting with an artist in Tzfat • sipping at a winery • hanging out with Israeli peers • touring the Old City and visiting the Western Wall • shopping at the shuk • celebrating and resting on Shabbat • enjoying Jerusalem’s nightlife • riding a camel • meditating on a desert night hike • trekking up and down Masada • floating in the Dead Sea • tasting veggies at the Salad Trail • strolling through Tel Aviv

Yalla! Let’s Go!

If you have any questions, email Stephanie at or text/call us at 301-422-6200.

Registration Overview

  • Register now at and create an account with a non-university (“.edu”) email address. (This will be your user ID.)
  • Fill out the general info and submit a $250 refundable deposit. For Trip Selection, choose “Campus Trip” and select the University of Maryland Hillel International trip.
  • Click the link to confirm your email address in the email from Birthright Israel. Within 24–48 hours, you’ll receive an email from Hillel International with a link to Part 2 to submit health and medical info, make roommate requests, and upload a JPG of your passport.
  • Watch for an email to sign up for a 30-minute interview with a member of the Maryland Hillel team. This allows us to get to know you, determine eligibility, and gives you the chance to ask questions.
  • Maryland Hillel lets you sign up for the trip of your choice within the next two years! Pending eligibility, your $250 refundable deposit will secure a spot. If you’re applying for a future season, email (Note: You can skip Part 2 of the application.)

Trip Highlights