Kol Sasson

Maryland’s premiere Jewish a cappella group. Since 1997, Kol Sasson has been bringing our rich and unique entertainment consistently to the local and national communities. Founded by a group of college students motivated by their love of sharing music, Kol Sasson has since recorded six original CDs, performed throughout the country for audiences ranging from religious school children to senior citizens, and  has provided music at functions spanning from Jewish Simchas (Celebrations) to events for the federal government.  Most notably, Kol Sasson has performed for the National Security Agency, for the 2008 International Hillel Summit, for former Governor of Maryland Robert Ehrlich, and in the White House for President George W. Bush. Kol Sasson was again invited to sing at the White House for the 2009 Hanukkah  reception for President Barack Obama. This past semester, Kol Sasson also had the opportunity to perform at the Joint Distribution Committee’s Centennial Gala, and at the Congressional Hanukkah party at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Enjoy a Kol Sasson performance with our completely portable form of entertainment and our diverse repertoire of songs including traditional Jewish, American pop, and Israeli pop.  Inspire children to get involved musically during one of our workshops with tips, perspective, and a song to bring home to the family. We look forward to performing for you!