Rebecca Suissa – 9576

Job Description

Our congregation is looking for an energetic Jewish leader to facilitate our children’s programming for Saturday morning Shabbat services each week.

Our Shabbat program coordinator will be responsible for translating the weekly parasha into interactive, creative play and storytelling with our toddler group (ages 3-6). This program will be about 1 hour in duration and you will be responsible for preparing and submitting the program guide and schedule to the Board of Directors in advance. The synagogue will provide any crafts or materials you might need to make your program come to life.

In the 2nd hour, you’ll shift your focus to our older kid group (ages 8+) and help to lead Teen Kiddush – a unique program designed to empower our tweens and teens to learn and deliver dvar Torah (‚Äúwords of Torah ‚Äú) on Shabbat and holidays. Above all, part of your position is to engage and relate to our youth through friendship to help inspire them in the ways of derech eretz, Torah, and mitzvot.

Position Details
Hours: every Saturday, 10am-Noon (plus preparation time)
Address: 11215 Woodglen Drive, North Bethesda, MD 20852
Compensation: $200/week

Description or Children’s Programmings at Magen David Sephardic Congregation

Toddler Playroom & Children’s Service

On Shabbat morning, bring your littles on over to our Toddler Playroom for a structured and fun-filled Shabbat program that enables them to attend synagogue in a meaningful way, affording parents to pray and meditate with kavanah ("intention").

Led by an experienced educator, the children pray, play games, sing Shabbat songs, hear stories and learn the Parashat HaShavuah ("weekly Torah portion"). The parasha and its lessons come alive through stories, drama, songs and engaging games and prizes!

One of the highlights of the Children’s Service is participating in the main sanctuary’s Torah service. The children join the main service for the singing of Yimloch L’olam Vaed and the lifting of the Torah. Every child has the opportunity to kiss the Sefer Torah, after which he or she receives a kosher and organic Shabbat treat from one of our dedicated members.

Kid Lounge & Teen Kiddush

Children ages 8+ have a dedicated space called the Kid Lounge with more age-appropriate books, games and activities. While MDSC hosts a deliciously lavish kiddush lunch on a weekly basis, Teen Kiddush provides MDSC pre-teens and teens with their often-needed space and independence, while giving them a distinguished seat at the Shabbat table. Teen Kiddush is a special setup in the Kid Lounge prior to the main Kiddush lunch served downstairs. During the Teen Kiddush the kids say kiddush, nosh on food & drinks that are kid-approved, socialize with one another, and say Birkat Al Hamichya ("blessing after foods") together. Each week, one teen is tasked to give a dvar Torah ("words of Torah") during the Teen Kiddush and that teen receives a special Shabbat gift from MDSC