Larry Fishel – 9578

I would like to hire a student to assist me with a very brief research project. Details are below.

Here is the project:

1. The student does not need to have any special training or experience or level of education.
2. The student will need to be able to take very clear photos with their digital camera or cellphone.
2. I need the student to go to the archives and take photos of about 700-1000 photos that are located there in a collection that is now housed there. They will need to have their own digital camera or cellphone (such as an iPhone) that has high resolution and takes very clear photos.
3. The photos in this collection are not arranged in any particular order, and were recently acquired by the archives. I need a photo taken of each one of the collection’s photos. The student will then email me the file containing the photos.
4. Payment is $18.00/hour. I anticipate this will take about 5 hours total. (The student may be able to lay out e.g. 10 photos at a time on a table at the archives, take a photo of each one, put those back, take out 10 more, lay them on the table, take a photo of each one, etc. until all photos have been photographed.
5. I will give the student detailed instructions and have already contacted the Archives.
6. The student does NOT need to be able to do all of this in one sitting. They could, for example, spend 1-2 hours per day until finished.
7. I will mail them a personal check or VISA or American Express gift card when finished.

Thank you very much!
Larry Fishel, Ph.D.