Camp Counselor- Madrich/a

Camp Yavneh, a K’lal Yisrael Jewish overnight summer camp located in Northwood, NH is hiring madrichim for kayitz (summer) 2024!

A madrich/a (bunk counselor) has primary responsibility for campers and their care. The safety of campers is the principal priority. In this role, the madrich/a is responsible for guiding campers in their personal growth in all aspects of the camp program including Jewishly. They assist campers with daily living skills by providing general supervision, leading the delivery of programs, and serving as a role model that campers can look to for guidance. This includes the time period from wake up in the morning until the campers are asleep at night.

If the madrich/a is hired as a specialty counselor they will be expected to work in their specialty as scheduled. They report to their activity departments to facilitate instruction. As with all staff, the madrich/a will follow and adhere to all camp policies.

Reports directly to:
1. Unit Head (Rosh Ayda)
2. Activity Department Head (for chugim) and/or Roshei Tochnit
3. Rosh Shorashim/Tzeirim/Noar

Minimum Qualifications:
– High school graduate
– Desire and ability to work with children
– Ability to relate to one’s peer group
– Ability to accept supervision and guidance
– Ability to assist in teaching various activities
– Good character, integrity, and adaptability
– Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control
– A good, positive attitude towards Judaism and the desire to act as a role model in this regard

Essential Job functions:
– Assist in the direction, supervision, and organization of campers in the bunk and during activity periods (pe’ulot) and programs.
– Participate in the development and implementation of camp activities with co-counselors and rosh ayda
*Responsible for assisting and/or leading in ayda (unit) activities
*Take initiative to actively participate in all camp activities
*Encourage camper participation in activities.
– Maintain high standards of health, hygiene, and safety in all activities and in the bunks for campers and staff.
– Serve as a role model to campers and staff through proper attitude, work ethic, and behavior including:
*Follow and uphold all policies, safety and security rules and
established procedures.
*Be a dugma (role model) of Jewish values and exhibit positive
attributes of these aspects of camp
– Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem solving with
camper group
– Provide opportunities for the group so that each individual experiences success, enjoyment, and inclusivity during their time at camp
– Fulfill all tasks related to specific activity assigned for chuggim (electives) under the supervision of the specific Department Head.

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