FreshFest FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we move in for FreshFest?

FreshFest move-in will take place the morning of Wednesday, August 21st.

I’m not religious/I’m very religious, is FreshFest/Hillel for me?

Of course! Hillel is a pluralistic organization and is home to Jews of every type of background. Most of the programming we host is cultural. From going to sporting events, cooking classes and even community service trips, we have something for everyone. There are always religious opportunities we provide including Shabbat services, holidays, study groups and more! We like to call Hillel a community of communities, where you can choose which communities you want to be a part of.

My roommate isn’t doing FreshFest…should I still do it?

Yes! This is a not a requirement to participate. This is a decision you can make on your own and with your family. If you have a Jewish roommate, you can see if they want to sign up though! Also, plenty of people don’t have Jewish roommates and while you might think you want to do things 24/7 with your roommate it’ll be good to have some things that are just for you. This will be a great way for you to make an additional set of friends outside your floor that you can introduce your roommate to later!

Does it cost money to participate in FreshFest?

Yes, as this program is a specialized and exclusive program, there is a fee attached to participating. Our cost will be announced soon. We never want money to be a hindrance to you participating, so don’t hesitate to reach out if this doesn’t work for you.

When is the deadline to register?

A hard deadline will be in July. In addition, FreshFest is a first come first serve registration process meaning if we run out of spots, we will close registration early. We recommend signing up as early as possible to get the Early Bird Discount.

I’m living in a Living Learning Program (LLP). Can I still attend FreshFest?

We are working with the University to avoid any conflicts, and you will receive as an update as we hear more. Wednesday and Thursday generally won’t conflict, but Friday afternoon might. Don’t worry though, we can figure something out!

Can we ensure there will be food for me to eat at FreshFest?

Yes, we want to make sure everyone attending can eat our food. All food at Hillel is kosher and catered by Varsity Kosher (Star K) who operates out of Hillel. We can work with them to ensure all foods will abide by your necessary dietary needs.

Where will I be sleeping during FreshFest?

Since you already moved into your dorm, you will be sleeping there! Don’t want to go back to your dorm too early? We’ll have Hillel late night activities to keep you occupied, and then have someone walk or drive you back when you’re ready.

Can my family come to FreshFest?

Yes! We invite your family to join you for the beginning activities. Two additional people are included in your FreshFest registration. You may bring more, but will have to pay for each additional guest. for our BBQ.

I can’t participate in FreshFest, can I still get involved in Hillel?

Definitely! While the majority of FreshFest is exclusive, our first Shabbat dinner of the semester is open to everyone and will be on August 25th.