Maryland Hillel is the leading Hillel in the country. We take pride in being the largest Jewishly connected student body, the largest staff and the largest Orthodox community outside of Yeshiva University, and the only campus with four JLIC Torah educators. We are leading the country in innovation and engagement. We are graduating the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Overall Numbers

  • 5,800 Jewish Undergrads
  • 4,000 Students who connect with Hillel annually
  • 850 Students participated in six or more events
  • 85 Participated in a Hillel Fellowship or Internship
  • $2.6 million annual operating budget
  • $0 fixed allocations from National Hillel and UMD

Orthodox Life

  • 500+ Orthodox students
  • 300 students on a current meal plan
  • 70 students attend daily minyan
  • 4 JLIC Torah educators
  • $884k Orthodox of expenses, $1,800 per student
  • 45% Orthodox parents supported Hillel, total $217k

Orthodox Life: Annual Expenses

Total Expenses: $884,719; Per Student: $1,800

General Orthodox life includes eruv upkeep, sefarim, Torah maintenance, Israel, Tzedek and Alternative Break programs and staff, Shabbat dinner and Holidays.

Orthodox Students by Location (%)

Orthodox Parent Donors by Location (%)