About Maryland Hillel:
Hillel at the University of Maryland, College Park is among the top Hillels in the country, striving to inspire the 6,500 Jewish students on campus to make enduring commitments to Jewish life. The population which Maryland Hillel caters to is drawn from across the country and the world. It represents diverse socio-economic backgrounds, varied levels of Jewish experience, diverse denominational affiliation and a plethora of political, religious and societal viewpoints. Maryland Hillel strives to meet these students “where they are” in a non-prescriptive way, and it inspires each of them to explore and strengthen their Jewish identity. For many students, the campus’ vibrant Hillel is a deciding factor in selecting the University of Maryland.
Given the sheer magnitude and diversity of the Jewish population on campus, Maryland Hillel maintains one of the most exciting and varied programs in the country. Maryland Hillel is proud to work as an affiliate partner with the University of Maryland.

Visiting UMD?
Want to hear a bit more about Maryland Hillel and UMD’s Jewish Community? Make an appointment to meet with one of our talented professionals. We’re happy to welcome you (and your parents) in order to share the highlights of Jewish life on campus. For more info, or to set up an appointment,  call Hillel at 301-422-6200.

Can I have a Kosher lunch and/or Dinner when I visit?
Yes. The Sabra Deli is open Sunday – Saturday. All meals on Shabbat (Sabbath) and observant holidays must be reserved in advance. All other days you may join us as a “Walk In” guest. Meals are $14.00 and are All – You – Care- To – Eat. For details, see Kosher Dining.

Interested in spending a Shabbat?
Many prospective students find it beneficial to spend an overnight or Shabbat visit on campus. We are more than happy to assist in fixing you up with current students who are willing to host. Please note not all requests will be able to be accommodated. Maryland Hillel handles hundreds of requests each year. Availability is limited and some weekends will not work due to hosting students’ schedules. Call Hillel at 301-422-6200 if you plan on staying and please complete this form, so that we can learn more about you and your overnight needs.

Due to demand, only seniors in High School will be accommodated.
*PLEASE NOTE – requests must be made at least one week in advance. Requests under 7 days will not be met.