Jews in Greek Life Council (JGL)

Jews in Greek Life Council (JGL): JGL is made up of Jewish students from several different Greek houses who work together to plan programs for the Jewish Greek community. Students in JGL get leadership training, a budget to use for programming, and have a great time bringing students together! Through programming and peer engagement, JGL Council members connect students in fraternities and sororities to existing opportunities for Jewish life, as well as create new and exciting programs tailored to the Greek community. Past JGL programs have included “Rosh around the Row” for Rosh Hashanah, Kosher for Passover BBQ on the Row, a Greek Passover Seder, Purim parties, Shabbat dinners, and more!

For more information or any questions, contact Talia Orencel, Director of Engagement & Social Justice, or 301.422.6200 x 203.