Jewish Leadership Council

The Jewish Leadership Council is comprised of a diverse range of Jewish student leaders. The purpose of the JLC is to strengthen, unite and at times be the voice of the UMD Jewish community. This application process will be open to the entire Jewish community but only a handful of students will be selected. All applications will be reviewed by the current JLC and Hillel staff.

JLC’s Mission Statement

JLC brings together a diverse group of Jewish student leaders on campus to bridge the gap between the Hillel Board of Directors, staff, and students. They are responsible for facilitating student-led discussion on institutional and organizational policy. Through meetings with students, Hillel Staff, and the Board of Directors, JLC will create cohesive solutions to problems facing these groups that affect students. JLC’s main focus is to identify issues, and brainstorm solutions. To assist Hillel Director in addressing various issues. When necessary, to bring issues to Board of Directors. JLC identifies issues by meeting and conversing with students throughout Jewish life on campus.


Membership on JLC is reserved for students who are passionate about engaging with serious issues facing the Jewish community on campus at The University of Maryland.

Time Commitment

While it is understood that members have other activities requiring their time and attention, JLC must be a serious priority for all members. Consistent attendance at allof the following is mandatory.

  • Weekly meetings throughout the semester at unanimously agreed upon time
  • Attendance at all Board of Director Meetings (twice a semester)
  • Follow-up & outside work
  • Participation on a minimum of one Board Committee (one meeting a semester)
  • Attendance at monthly Hillel Executive Council (HEC) Meetings
  • Taking ownership of the JLC slot allotted at each board meeting
  • Attendance & participation at most Major Hillel Events


All applicants must be a junior (Class of 2020) and must have attended the University of Maryland for at least 3 semesters.

For more information or any questions, please contact:

Rabbi Ari Israel