Cancellation Policy

  • All payments are non-refundable, unless we are able to replace your spot.
  • If you are registered for an air travel trip and cancel your registration, your airplane ticket is non-refundable, non-transferable, and you may incur additional fees.
  • If there are any other cancellation fees incurred by Maryland Hillel due to your participation cancellation, these will be at your expense.
  • Extreme Circumstance: In the event you have to cancel your trip due to an extreme circumstance, your payments are non-refundable unless we can fill your spot. If you find yourself in this situation, We ask that you consult with the director of the Alternative Break program.

Fundraising Support

Maryland Hillel will help create fundraising webpages to help students raise funds and offset the cost of their Alternative Break trip. Students are able to set up their own webpage to direct family and friends to donate to help make their trip possible.

For credit card donations, a processing fee is subtracted from the total amount that is raised. This fee is an external fee from the online system that is used to process the donations. This is not a Maryland Hillel fee nor a fee that Hillel is benefiting from in any way.

  • Students are allowed to freely ask anyone they wish to donate to their trip.
  • If a student is able to fundraise the entire cost of the trip, and has received a scholarship, Maryland Hillel serves the right to rescind the scholarship.
  • If a student fundraises more than the necessary funds for the trip, the extra funds can only be used to go to the organization your trip is working with and/or to a general Alternative Break scholarship fund that will help to offset the cost of the trip for a future participant. In conjunction with a Maryland Hillel staff member, the student will be allowed to decide how the funds are divided between these two sources.
  • Students may continue to fundraise until one month after your trip.

Deposits and Late Fees Policies

Deposits of $200 are due no more than 10 days after you’ve been notified of a trip acceptance. The final trip cost will vary depending on the cost of the trip you are going on and will be conveyed to you by your trip leader. For every day that your deposit is late, you will incur an additional $10 fee.

Airport Transportation Policy

Maryland Hillel will arrange for bus transportation to and from the airport in the D.C. area if public transportation is not available due to the time of day. Participants that elect to take the Hillel transportation to and/or from the airport will be charged a fee ranging from $25-$35 each way. This a service provided by Maryland Hillel and it is up to the participant if they want to use it. Our ability to hire a bus will depend on getting a minimum number of students who are using it.

Behavior, Drug, and Alcohol Policy

All participants are expected to act in a mature and responsible manner at all times. If you violate any of the behavioral guidelines, including alcohol and drug consumption, you will be sent home from the program and will be charged for all expenses incurred. Violation of this policy will result in immediate expulsion from the trip.

  • Individuals will be held responsible for their own behavior.
  • All participants must observe all state and local laws and university policies, including those concerning alcohol/drug use.
  • No one may consume alcohol or drugs at any time during the activity.
  • No participants may consume alcohol or drugs while traveling in vehicles during the entire activity.
  • No one shall drive a vehicle during the activity while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • All participants are expected to act responsibility in relation to the property of others.
  • If damages occur and the responsible person(s) cannot be identified, all participants will share the financial consequences of the damages.
  • Even if you are of the legal drinking age, Alternative Break is an alcohol-free program. There are several reasons for this. (1) Not all group participants may be of legal drinking age and alcohol consumption for those members would be illegal. (2) Drug use is illegal. (3) You are traveling as a representative of Maryland Hillel in the community in which we will be serving. (4) Drug or alcohol use could hinder your performance at the project site, either during or after consumption.