Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: We are driving to campus, where can I park?
A: If you are staying at one of the hotels, there is parking available in their garages. If not, you can park in Lot 1 after 4:00pm (it is free). Here is the
campus map to help you locate Lot 1.

Q: Will there be security over the weekend?
We are working with our partners and the University of Maryland Police Department to implement a plan both for year-round and the weekend that ensures the safety of our students and community.

Q: What time does Shabbat start?
A: Shabbat starts at 4:41pm
. We understand check-in for the hotels is later than we’d like, but they are going to try and have rooms ready ASAP. You will be able to leave your suitcases at the desk and retrieve it once you can check-in. Also, the staff at both the Marriott and The Hotel are able to assist with any elevator or room door requests throughout the weekend.

Q: Where can I light candles? Pray Mincha?
A: We have been trying to work with the hotels to have a table in the lobby to light candles. Due to fire code challenges, the hotels have requested that we refrain from lighting Shabbat candles in the building. While you are welcome to light candles at Hillel, we understand that it may be difficult to get there before Shabbat. You can speak to the hotel’s front desk and request a hotel shuttle pick-up and drop-off to and from the Rosenbloom Hillel Center. The most preferable option according to many Halakhic authorities is to turn off a light in your room, and then turn it on with the intention of fulfilling the mitzvah of Shabbat candles. No blessing is recited, and the mitzvah
is fulfilled through this action.
Mincha will be at the Rosenbloom Hillel Center at 4:40pm.

Q: Where and when are the Friday night services?
We have three services on Friday night. See the schedule for the types, location, and times. There will be walking groups leaving from the hotels’ lobbies at approximately 5:30pm.

Q: What should I be doing after Friday night services?
You should be joining us for the Welcome Parents Wine Reception taking place in the executive dining room in Van Munching Hall (right across from the Rosenbloom Hillel Center). There will be Maryland Hillel staff and volunteers who will show you the way!

Q: Is there assigned seating at Friday night dinner?
A: We do not pre-assign seats for dinner. Friday night Table Sponsors are able to reserve a table in advance. Since we have dinner throughout various locations within the Rosenbloom Hillel Center, it creates a more spacious environment. Do you want to be a Table Sponsor?
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Q: Where is the tent?
We will be using the Maryland Hillel parking lot for the tent. Yes, it will be lighted and heated!

Q: I am eating at my child’s apartment so do I need to still fill out the registration form?
A: YES! There are other events that require you to sign up besides meals. Plus, it ensures you receive a welcome bag → 
click here now!

Q: My child is on the meal plan do I need to buy a meal ticket for them?
A: Friday night dinner is always free for all students so no meal purchase in needed for Friday night. If they are on the full meal plan, no orders are needed for lunch or dinner. The Showcase is free for students or you can give a suggested donation. Saturday night sushi and pizza are not included in the meal plan.
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Q: Is there anything happening Friday night besides dinner?
Sure is! Whether you are with us for dinner or not, we are having an A Capella teaser, offering a learning opportunity, and a dessert bar post-dinner at Maryland Hillel!

Q: Are there events happening during the day on Saturday?
Of course! Some events are subject to change and you will receive an up-to-date schedule in your welcome bags.

Q: Who is the Scholar-in-Residence?
A: We are honored to have Rabbi Mark Gottlieb joining us for Parents’ Weekend. Rabbi Gottlieb is the Senior Director of the Tikvah Fund and Dean of the Tikvah Summer Institute at Yale University. He will be leading various learning opportunities throughout the weekend.
Read more about Rabbi Gottlieb.

Q: Where do I find my Arts Showcase and sushi or pizza tickets?
All your tickets will be in an envelope in your welcome bag. Please bring them to the show and post-show dinner.

Q: I did not purchase Arts Showcase nor sushi or pizza tickets, can I still attend the events?
A: You are welcome to still join us! You can bring a check to the Showcase, pay using the
Showcase link, or pay afterwards. We will have a limited number of extra sushi rolls and pizza, so we cannot guarantee there will be any left. We recommend pre-ordering ASAP to ensure you have food.

Q: Is there anything happening on Sunday?
We will be closing the amazing weekend with a brunch at the Rosenbloom Hillel Center at 9:30am.

Have any more questions? Please reach out to Rashel either via phone: 301-422-6200 Ext. 211 or email: