Hillel Room Reservations Policy

  • Space must be reserved 10 Business Days in advance
  • Space is on a first come, first served basis
  • No outside food is allowed, i.e. meals. Catering by Maryland Hillel & Sodexo only.  Contact Maddie Friedman to discuss special situations.
  • Organizers are responsible for set up and clean up
  • Reservations include usage of tables and chairs.

All Room Reservations must be made at www.marylandhillel.org/events/room-reservations/ and must be made at least 10 days in advance.

Staff Catering Request Form – https://marylandhillel.org/staff-catering-requests/

Online Calendarwww.marylandhillel.org/events

Maryland Hillel Financial Policies

How to purchase items for Hillel/programs

  • All purchases should be approved prior to purchase
  • If at all possible use the Tax exempt form– we are a tax exempt organization and should not pay tax if we can avoid it.
  • Shop around to ensure we are getting the best price.  If possible at least three estimates should be obtained
  • Where possible use the Hillel credit cards (see below) to avoid the need for reimbursements.
  • If students purchase the process is the same.

Check requests
Checks are written approximately every week.  Our checks are NOT written in house and take time to process.  You will not be able to get a check immediately – often it takes two –three weeks for the final check to come through depending on when in the cycle you put in your request.  You can request the check writing schedule from the Office Manager.

  • How to request a check
    • Complete the online check request form: https://marylandhillel.org/check-requests
    • You will receive an e-mail from Liz Donaldson confirming your check request
    • Print this e-mail and give it along with any receipts and backup to the head of the department.
    • Note – if the check is for a person/organization you may need to submit a W-9 form as well.  You can get copies of this form from Liz.  If you need this form and do not have it – it will hold up the processing of your check.

Hillel credit card use
When possible staff should utilize the Hillel Credit cards so to eliminate the need for personal reimbursement.  Keep in mind the policy for purchasing items is the same as above.

  • You can get the credit card from one of the Senior Staff (currently Liz, Elan, and MJ have them)
  • Once you have made your purchase – immediately return the card to the appropriate staff.
  • Email your receipt or a picture of your receipt to receipts@marylandhillel.org
    • Subject line should read – Purchase on xxxxxx card (insert the name of who the cards belong to)
    • Include in the body of your email a detailed note of what the charge was for, see below for examples
      • coffee with Jane Smith (must include student name)
      • bagels for north campus bagel club on 9/5
      • etc.
  • Keep your receipts in case there is a question
  • If you have a history of not submitting your receipts once your items are purchased, you may risk being barred from credit card use.

As stated above wherever possible, it is better to use the Hillel credit card and not be reimbursed.  However this is not always possible.  Especially for those staff that are doing a lot of coffee dates, etc.

  • Complete a check request as above
  • Give your printed check request and COPIES of your receipts to the Department Head.  Not your original receipts please make copies and keep your originals.
    • Note – you can put up to five receipts on one check request.  If at all possible group similar receipts together – i.e. – food receipts, parking receipts, supplies etc. as it is easier for the department head to code
    • You must submit your receipts within 4 weeks of the expense incurred or you will NOT be reimbursed

Maryland Hillel Leave policies
Vacation time:
Complete the online leave form after confirming the leave with your supervisor.  Remember you can only carry over a year’s worth of vacation from one year to the next (our fiscal year ends on June 30).   We suggest you take advantage of your vacation time, especially during down times in the school year such as Winter and Summer break.

Sick time
If you are too sick to come to work please e-mail or call your supervisor to alert him/her as early as possible.  If you are sick – do take the day as it is important to take care of your health!  Upon return from any sick time, complete the leave form so that we have a record of your days.

Comp time:
For trips – We recognize that while staffing a trip is a wonderful travel opportunity, you also need time to prepare and recuperate.  Prior to taking this time, you MUST discuss the timing of these days with  your supervisor.

  • For a 7-8 day trip– ½ day before (to be taken within 1 week of your trip departure) and 1 day after (to be taken within 2 weeks of the trip return)
  • For a 10 day trip – 1 full day before (to be taken within 1 week of your trip departure) and 1 day after (to be taken within 2 weeks of the trip return).

Other Comp time– We recognize that not everyone can/will a typical 9-5 day.  Comp time is not designed to be hour for hour, rather a way to recognize and compensate for extra time put in by staff, i.e. – a series of subsequent evenings or weekends.  This time should be determined with your supervisor.

Working from home – It is the expectation that the majority of work by the staff will be done in or around Hillel, University of Maryland and College Park.  This will be consistent during school breaks and summer time (during which we may institute summer hours).  Occasionally a staff member will have an offsite meeting that causes travel to Hillel either before or after said meeting to be an ineffective use of time.  In such cases the staff member with supervisor approval shall be permitted to work from home or another offsite location.  Special circumstances shall be determined between and employee and his/her supervisor.

Office Closed

  • National Holidays
    • New Year’s Day – if this is on a weekend, the day will be either the preceding Friday or following Monday
    • Memorial Day
    • July 4th – if this is on a weekend, the day will be either the preceding Friday or following Monday
    • Labor Day – unless Opening Events make it necessary to work
    • Thanksgiving – including the Friday after
    • Christmas – if this is on a weekend, the day will be either the preceding Friday or following Monday
  • Jewish Holidays – During Jewish Holidays for which there are work restrictions, the Center is open for student use, but the administrative offices are closed. These are paid holidays for full-time staff who are generally not required to report to work unless asked to do so by the Director.  Given the nature of Hillel’s purpose and activities, staff may be needed to facilitate programs and religious services on these holidays.
  • These holidays include:
    • Rosh Hashana – some staff will be on, some will be off
    • Yom Kippur – some staff will be on, some off
    • Sukkot – first two and last two days
    • Passover – staff will be expected to work during the seders, but will be off the last two days
    • Shavuot –  two days

Fall 2019 Holiday Schedule

  • Labor Day: September 2
  • Rosh Hashanah: September 30 and October 1
  • Yom Kippur: October 9
  • Sukkot: October 14–15
  • Shemini Atzeret: October 21–22
  • Thanksgiving: November 28–29
  • Christmas: December 25
  • New Year’s Day: January 1

Inclement Weather:

If UMD is open, Maryland Hillel is also open and we expect staff to come to work.  If UMD is closed and you are unable to make it in given the road and weather conditions, please stay home and be safe.  If you can and are comfortable making it in, by all means, come in.  We are not comfortable making a decision when each of us have different circumstances. But, if you need to stay home, please email or call your direct supervisor. The expectation and hope is that you will work from home during the inclement weather day.