Thank you so much for considering helping me with my University of Maryland Hillel personal fundraising campaign! Take a minute to remember back to when you were in college…it’s a big change, right? New to campus, maybe a new state, hard to find your place and make friends. That’s definitely how I felt showing up at Maryland from across the country. So I walked into Hillel to see what that would be like. I was greeted every time with smiling faces from students and staff, invited to programs and asked if I would be coming for Shabbat dinner. And even when what I was looking for wasn’t currently offered at Hillel, it was an incredibly supportive space to help me create the type of community I was looking for. I made my closest friends in college on Friday nights at Hillel, and I developed professional skills through participation in different student groups and campaigns. These were the experiences that shaped college for me – and I bet even if you showed up for only a few Friday nights a semester, you probably felt the power of hundreds of Jewish students sitting and standing together. That’s what Hillel is about – creating a warm, welcoming space for students to figure out what being Jewish means to them and what they want to do about it. I hope you’ll join me in supporting an organization that gave me – us – so much, so that they can continue that work (and more!) with today’s students. New and increased gifts (up to $15,000) are being matched! Get it on this!!