The University of Maryland is a huge school, but it was always able to contract and expand according to our needs.

It was small enough for each of us to find our forever friends in a warm Jewish community; big enough to let us branch out from our close-knit hometowns; finally, small enough for us–Ann Rose and Max–to meet each other out of tens of thousands of people and establish what would become a new family just 15 miles down the road (with a little 9-month-old Terp (class of 2040 [?]) waiting in the wings.

Maryland Hillel was key to all of this, the place where we spent so many dra-a-a-a-a-gged out Sunday brunches, clumsy pool games, Simpsons viewings and Friday night dinners. It is quite literally impossible to imagine the story of the Greebergs without it or the wider cultural ecosystem in which it thrived.

We don’t have a lot money to give, but we hope you’ll join us in contributing what you can to ensure future Terps can have the same kind of experiences we did.