Summer 2018 Orientation Meal Registration

Maryland Hillel is happy to arrange Kosher Deli Boxed Meals to students and their families attending UMD’s Freshmen student orientation program.

When ordering, please be sure to provide the student’s University of Maryland Student ID number (UID), which is provided by the University (NOT their social security number). A portion of the meal cost will be refunded to the student’s account by the Orientation Office. The UID is required for this refund.

Meals must be ordered and paid for online no later than 9 a.m. TWO business days BEFORE orientation begins. (Monday orientations need to be ordered by the previous Thursday by 9 a.m.). If you do not place an order by this time, we will be unable to accommodate your Kosher Meal request.

**For Freshmen Connection Orientations: Freshman Connection provides a number of boxed kosher lunches at each orientation through UMD Conferences & Visitor Services. Lunches are provided for students only. Should parents require kosher meals, please contact Maryland Hillel TWO business days BEFORE orientation at 301.422.6200. Questions? Please contact the Freshman Connection Office at 301.405.7762 or email them at (Please include your name and UID # in all email communications.)

We will deliver boxed meals directly to the Orientation Office. Meals may be ordered for more than one family member. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to ask where to pick up their meal(s). **Refunds cannot be given for unclaimed meals**


Students: Please check in with your Orientation Advisor (OA) to let him/her know that you ordered a Kosher meal(s). Lunch orders will be available for pickup at the dining hall upon your arrival for lunch, and dinner orders will be available for pickup at the Stamp Student Union upon your arrival for dinner.

Parents: Please inform an Orientation Advisor (OA) that you ordered a Kosher meal(s). Lunch orders will be available for pickup at the dining hall upon your arrival for lunch. Since the parent programs ends the first day, if you ordered any other meals they will be available for pick up at the Orientation Office during normal business hours of 8:30am-4:30pm EST. Please pick up your additional meals BEFORE 4:30pm.

If you have any questions please email Liz Donaldson at or Allison Buchman at

** The Fall 2018 Kosher Dining Registration Form will be available in mid-June at **