Traditional Jewish Learning

Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus: The program, operating in coordination with Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Student Life and the Orthodox Union, features study of Jewish texts, Sabbath and holiday observance, daily synagogue services, mentoring and good companionship and is dedicated to the enhancement of Orthodox communities (kehilot) on campus by promoting positive growth and identity among Jewish students, therefore serving as one of the incubators of the future of Orthodoxy. The program is open to all Jewish students, regardless of level of observance.

JLIC contributes to a setting to help Jewish students feel comfortable in an atmosphere on secular campuses that maybe different from what they experienced in their pre-college Jewish educations. Through the easy availability of Torah study daily, Shabbat and holiday synagogue services and kosher food, together with counseling and interaction with their peers, Jewish students find a haven at where their previous Jewish experiences are transferred to the campus while at the same time they are participating in the academic life of their college.

Rabbi Ari Neuman & Shira Neuman, in partnership with the Orthodox Union, this dynamic couple offers personal and group learning opportunities.

Traditional Jewish Learning Opportunities

Chavrutot Learn whatever you want with Rabbi Ari or Shira Neuman, upon request and schedule permitting.


Halacha Shiur (9:40-10:05 AM) – Briefly explore a topic in contemporary Jewish Law with Rabbi Ari Neuman. Free breakfast is included! Hillel Conference Room


Food for Thought Beit Midrash (6:30 PM/following Mincha, once a month) – Satiate your mind and your stomach while enjoying free dinner (courtesy of Hillel/JLIC) and learning Torah from esteemed local educators. Hillel Game Room

Jewish Medical Ethics (6:30 PM/following Mincha, once a month) – Hillel Beit Midrash


Sefer HaChinuch (8:55-9:05 AM) – Start your day off with a dash of Torah from Hillel Executive Director Rabbi Ari Israel, learning about the 613 Mitzvot. Hillel Conference Room

Pizza Parsha (6:15-7:15 PM/following Mincha) – Our weekly “free pizza & free Torah” program is back! Join your peers for self-guided chavruta learning, listen to an occasional student-led chabura (or lead one!), or join Rabbi Ari Neuman’s parsha shiur while eating Hillel’s delicious pizza! Don’t have a chavruta? Come in anyways and we will help you find one! Hillel Multipurpose/Game Room


Find a Chavruta learning partner and enjoy the extensive collection of books in the Beit Midrash!


Topics in Gemara B’Iyun (6:15-7:15 PM) – With Rabbi Ari Neuman. Hillel Upstairs Shul

Mishmar & Cholent (7:00-8:00 PM) – Chavruta style learning. Hillel Beit Midrash


Short n’ Sweet Parsha Shiur (following mussaf) – Join Shira Neuman for a 10-minute parsha shiur right after shul ends – nourish your soul before nourishing your body at the weekly Shabbat Kiddush. Hillel Multipurpose Room

Sefer Amos (50 minutes before Mincha) – Learn Sefer Amos with Rabbi Ari Neuman on Shabbat afternoon. Hillel Multipurpose Room

Let us know what you want to learn! and