Experiential Jewish Learning

College is about exploration, both of the world around you and of yourself. So why not take this opportunity to explore your Jewish identity?! There is more to Judaism than what you learned in Sunday School! Experiential Jewish learning is about taking advantage of nearly 4,000 years of wisdom to inspire you, challenge you and push you to grow. Students from every religious (or non-religious!) background are welcome. This is about Judaism on your terms, finding your place in the Jewish story. Come as you are!

The Senior Jewish Educator Initiative, hires talented educators to build relationships with students who are less connected to Jewish life on campus, helping students explore life’s big questions through the lens of Jewish tradition. At Maryland Hillel, our experiential Jewish learning initiatives are headed by the team of Maiya Chard-Yaron, Assistant Director (mchardyaron@marylandhillel.org) and Rabbi Sarah Tasman, Senior Jewish Educator (stasman@marylandhillel.org).

Experiential Jewish Learning Opportunities

  • Jew it Your Way – Many of us haven’t thought about making Jewish decisions as adults. Now that you’re out of your parents’ house, in college, it’s time to ask tough questions based in real, practical knowledge. Explore everything from the Jewish calendar and Shabbat to Jewish ethics and values to texts and traditions. Bring lots of questions. To sign up to be a part of this class, contact Rabbi Sarah Tasman.
  • Ask Anything – Kosher Sex? Jews & Tattoos? Drugs & Spirituality? Does God exist? Ever had a question, but nobody to ask it to? Gather a group of 5 or more friends and we will come to your place or meet at your favorite coffee shop and design an informal learning session that responds directly to the questions and topics that you care about.  Contact Rabbi Sarah Tasman to set one up.
  • Not Yo Mama’s Judaism (NYMJ) is a program designed for and by women on college campuses seeking to find ways to infuse everyday life with a taste of Jewish identity. These women can be sorority sisters, friends, members of the same sports team…they can be anywhere, because they are YOU. The goal of this program is to serve as a safe space for discussion of every issue we encounter as women on a college campus—as viewed through a Jewish lens. NYMJ is a unique opportunity to think deeply about everything from gender roles and sexuality in Judaism to healthy eating and hygiene. There is nothing that is off-limits! Ultimately, Judaism is a religion and culture based in helping us through the decision making process that is life…and that’s what NYMJ is all about. To get a NYMJ group together, contact Rabbi Sarah Tasman.