Friday Night Services: 6:00pm

Orthodox Carlebach: Multi-Purpose Room
Orthodox Traditional: Upstairs, Library
Conservative: Upstairs, Sanctuary
Reform: Conference Room*
*Meets the first and third Fridays of the month


A Carlebach service that meets about once a month upstairs in the sanctuary. This service is a tri-chitza (men, women, and mixed sections) with a Dvar, song, or discussion following the service. All are welcome and encouraged to come join this beautiful service!

FREE Shabbat dinner for all UMD students at Hillel after services!

Shabbat Day Shacharit Services
Orthodox Hashkama (early minyan): 7:45am, Upstairs Beit Midrash
Orthodox: 9:30am, Multi-purpose room
Conservative: 9:30am, Upstairs, Sanctuary

Shabbat Day Mincha service will be one hour and 25 minutes prior to the end of Shabbat