When you can’t go home for the Jewish holidays, Maryland Hillel is your home away from home. Whether it’s meals, services, or social activities, we offer it all. Highlights include, but are not limited to:

Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur: Hillel offers full Orthodox, Reform and Conservative services for both holidays, as well as meals and break-fasts.

Sukkot/ Simchat Torah: Visit our mobile sukkah all over campus, and join us for one of the biggest college Simchat Torah celebrations in the country.

Hannukah: Eight crazy nights including breaking the world record for the most dreidels spun at once, candle lighting across campus, latkes, and presents!

Purim: Huge community Megilah reading, costume parties, Purim shpiels, Hamentashen, and more!

Passover: With a full kosher-for-Passover meal plan, family-style seders and various Passover activities, Maryland students do more than just eat matzah.

Check back regularly for updated information on Holiday schedules and registration information.