Siddur Campaign: In honor of a speedy and complete healing for Vanessa Lewinsky

Message from our students:

About 5 months ago, Vanessa Lewinsky was diagnosed with lymphoma. This shook our UMD community, but with the help of Maryland Hillel, we came together to support our community through prayer. We used this as a beautiful way to come together and pray for Vanessa.

Vanessa is nearing the end of her treatment and will hopefully return to UMD this fall.

 As students who are active with Maryland Hillel, we want to make the praying experience more enjoyable by purchasing new siddurim for our community in honor of Vanessa. As we use these new siddurim we will pray for her speedy and complete recovery, and we will celebrate her strength, grace, and positive attitude.

It takes a community to drive the impact all the way home. Thank you to our Miami community as well as our Maryland Hillel family. Your support is greatly appreciated.