Join a Shabbat Dinner on Friday, November 17, as a part of the SHABAM: Gorlin Family Foundation Shabbat Across Maryland. Students all over campus host Shabbat dinners with their friends, roommates, clubs, and more. Be a part of this Shabbat celebration reaching over 1,000+ students in 100+ locations across Maryland.

Host a Meal

Register to host a SHABAM meal. We’ll provide the food or reimburse you for cooking your own meal. Bring together your friends and peers to enjoy a meal centered around a specific theme or topic (for example, a Birthright bus reunion, a pajama party, or a racial justice conversation).


Note: To have your meal catered by Maryland Hillel, you must register by 10 AM on Wednesday, November 1.

Attend a Meal

Register now to attend SHABAM! Sign up to be randomly placed at a meal, or select the name of a specific SHABAM meal if you’ve been invited by a friend.